Verdant Growth

Get back to nature with our best selling Verdant Growth candle.

Bamboo and Green Tea perfectly combine to bring you a fresh, citrusy fragrance with hints of vanilla and woody spice. This candle's natural warm tones are perfect for any room - whenever and wherever you want to wind down.

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Red Horizon

Inspired by our love of travel and exotic adventures, our vanilla, amber, sandalwood & cognac room spray delivers a truly multifaceted experience. Notes of vanilla, amber and sandalwood are entwined for a luxurious fragrance that will fill your home with richness. It's a complex scent crafted with care, so it's strong, but not overpowering.

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Exotic Sophistication

At The Root

At The Root, our most exotic fragrance perfectly blends Santal, Vetiver, and Oud. This sustainably made candle features the warm, dry and earthy scents of vetiver, the classic woody, rich and leathery scent of Santal, with the subtle smokiness of Oud. At The Root will entice your senses from the moment the flame touches the wick.

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What They're Saying..

We don't like to brag about Lustoic. But...we're glad our customers do. ;)

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